Snowy fun!

Look how much fun Y2KB had in the snow. It was fantastic to hear them playing and laughing. Of course it involved throwing snowballs, mainly at Miss Miller! I was so impressed with how the children remembered our snowballing rules so that we would have most fun without anyone getting hurt or upset. I hope you’ve all warmed up now.

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Winters morning

This morning was freezing cold, windy and wet! We wrapped up really well and waited for the sun to come out and then we set off to the woods. We had a lot of fun painting with mud and digging. Some children were cooking in the mud kitchen. It tried to snow when we were out and then it started to hail. We hurried to the cabin to get warm with a drink of hot pop.



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Y2CV problem solvers

The children collaborated to create zip lines to move their alien and his space ship from one place to another. They really persevered to work out what they needed to do to make it work.

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Bird Feeders and Ice

On Tuesday F2CE were looking after our birds. They made bird feeders and hung them from the trees. It can be difficult for the birds to find food when it is winter. We noticed some ice and this let us know that it had been really cold.

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Frosty Friday

It was really cold today but it didn’t stop us having fun. Some of our Rising Stars came this morning. It was a small group so we were able to stand back and let the children explore the woods by themselves. We were keeping a close eye but it was so good to be able to watch how they were all chattering to each other and pointing out things to look at. We warmed up by the fire and enjoyed marshmallows and hot pop.

Later on Emmanuel met me with a pair of binoculars that he had got as a present. He decided he wanted to go bird watching  we looked in a book to see what birds we might see. We were super quiet and managed to see blue tits, crows, magpies and pigeons. Of course we got to see the robin. Emmanuel was super excited and pleased because he had never been so close to a bird before.

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Y2 SJ Building in the woods

Y2 SJ showed us how much they knew about some of the famous landmarks in London. The collaborated to create London in the woods. It was fun to see the children who had built the Tower of London stretching their imagination muscles pretending to be kings and queens.

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London Landmarks

Year 2 KB were more than amazing this morning, they were absolutely awesome.

I told them about little George the dragon who was too small to fly to London, the children decided they could build London in the woods so George would be able to see the different landmarks.

I was impressed with how quickly the children began sharing their ideas with each other, it was great to see how they listened to each other and built on the ideas. Next came the excited planning, deciding how they would create different things. They thought about size and shape, they had to think about what might be inside. One group built Tower Bridge, they then had another idea of how they could make it better and rebuilt it differently. It was such a super morning.


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Richard Robin

The robin in the woods has a name now. One of the children named him Richard last week(I think he couldn’t remember the word robin but knew it was a boy’s name starting with R).

Richard Robin comes every day and today I asked Richard if he would like to try and see it. We had to think about what might frighten him and how we should behave and move to encourage him to come near us. It wasn’t long before he let us know he was there by landing on a branch close by. It wasn’t long before he came on to the bench that Richard was sat on, and then he came a little bit closer for some food!

This made us both really happy, when we went back to the cabin we talked about different things that makes us feel happy and what it actually feels like to feel happy.

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Map making Year1KH

This term year 1 are learning about maps. We created our own maps in the woods. Some of the children made maps of the woods and others created imaginary maps. They all had to think of different objects they could use to represent real things.

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Spooky, scary stories

Before the holidays Cirp had written some scary stories. They love Goosebumps in Cirp and this inspired their stories. We built a den in the woods and tried to make it really dark and spooky. There was plenty of space for us all to get inside and listen to the awesome stories.

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